Faber Castell Grip Colour Magic

Never seen before; creative people of all ages can now use the new GRIP colour magic crayons to trace two colour shades at once. Two easy steps to the ultimate in drawing fun; first draw your picture using the GRIP colour magic crayons. Then use the brush included to blend the brilliant colour pigments with water and like magic an additional colour shade will appear. The colour of the cap at the end of the pencil will tell you the shade. In total there are 8 colour combinations, inviting you to discover the fascinating world of pencil leads.

At the same time, the GRIP colour magic crayons also fulfil the highest functional quality requirements: their ergonomic triangular form and the patented soft grip zone support the child’s hand thus result in confident, fatigue free drawing from the very beginning. In addition the magic colour pens are made from non-impregnated, untreated wood coated in environmentally compatible water based varnish, which is more hygienic than unvarnished or partially varnished pencils. This is a great advantage for Children who often tend to suck on pencils or for nursery or primary schools where pencils tend to pass through many hands.