May The Force Be With You…

Coming soon to a Pen Shop near you we are thrilled to announce the release of official Star Wars stationery from Cross. From luxury Limited Edition Fountain Pen and Rollerball pens to the more affordable Click and Jotzone ranges there is something to suit fans of all ages.

Star Wars Darth

Cross proudly presents the Townsend Star Wars Collection, commemorating the three most iconic characters from the Star Wars saga. These stately writing instruments are the epitome of luxury. Both the Fountain Pen and Rollerball are Limited Edition – only 1977 units made per character.

Star Wars Townsend

Cross proudly presents the Click Star Wars Collection, commemorating the three most iconic characters from the original Star Wars film trilogy: C-3P0, Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers. The Click Star Wars gel retractable pens feature smooth gel ink and an easy to use click mechanism.


The Star Wars Gift Set is themed with legendary characters, and includes a stylish Jot Zone journal with debossed character face and Star Wars Logo, plus a matching Cross Click gel ink pen. Then pen includes the same character’s emblem and other fine design details. This gift set is a sophisticated way to commemorate the classic saga films, and makes a wonderful gift for any Star Wars fan.


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Finding Inspiration to Write

As much as writing can be an intuitive practice, fueled by the desire to tell a story, quite often the creative juice runs out and help with the writing flow is required. Here at The Pen Shop, we are keen to encourage the writing process, so have come up with our top five tips to help propel your creativity:

1.     Live life. What is there to write about, if you forget to live? The best stories and writing evolve from experience. We would urge you to put down your pen, temporarily at least, and spend some time travelling and have an adventure. You don’t need to travel far to meet new people and experience something new. Do something different.

2.     Read. A good source of inspiration comes from reading others’ work. You can pick up and learn from other writers’ styles, without following them exactly of course. You may notice things you hadn’t seen before, such as content ideas, tone of voice and choice of words.

3.     Join a writing group. There are many local groups, easily found through a quick internet search. You will meet other like-minded people and learn together. A regular writing group is also the opportunity for a social night out!

4.     Browse the internet. The internet is a wonderful tool, giving us access to millions of pages of information. Start a search and hours later you have floated around the world wide web, picking up a multitude of information with ideas for short stories and grammatical assistance.

5.     Finally, of course we would suggest investing in a writing instrument that you are going to look forward to using. The Pen Shop offer a selection of pens in a variety of styles and to meet a range of budgets.